The Most Delicious Food in The World, Indonesia's Fried Rice

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The Most Delicious Food in The World, Indonesia's Fried Rice


For you culinary lovers it wouldn't hurt to try some of the most delicious things in the world, including Indonesian Fried Rice.

 Many countries in the world that offer a menu or dish of different culinary varieties.

 Food in the world can be found in traditional foods, typical foods, and modern foods. Here are some of the world's most delicious foods.

1. Peking Chinese duck

If you come to China Beijing don't miss this good food is Peking China duck.

 A Peking Chinese duck has thin skin texture however, savory with good taste. The meat is extremely soft and is usually gripped with sauce.

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2. Japanese ramen

Japan, famous for its beauty, has a popular Japanese cuisine around the world.

Tasty nutritional content becomes one of the culinary lovers. Typical Japanese food is also composed of a variety of vegetables.

Ramen is also Japan's most popular delicacy. Ramen is a food of Japanese noodles with many different topings that are very unique with the presence of broth and miso.

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Japanese ramen is usually eaten with various variants of gravy, toppings, meat slices, vegetables and leeks.

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3. Thai som tam

Som tam or green papaya salad from the country's most frequented tourist visit is Thailand. Besides being a tourist, Thailand also has many delicious culinary delicacies.

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Som tam is a fresh papaya salad of Thailand. This Thai salad is similar to the rujak in Indonesia.

The pubic acid sauce is made of sour fruit, squeeze lemon, sweet ketchup, fish sauce, garlic and chili.

A mixture of chiselled young papaya mixed with spicy broth is a favorite dish in Thailand.

4. Indonesian Fried Rice


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Indonesia's Fried rice is one of Indonesia's most popular and well-known dishes for its delicacy.

Surveys show that many say Fried rice is a good meal because of the combination of spicy and Fried eggs is appetizing.

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