5 Traditional South Korean Dish is Something You Should Try

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5 Traditional South Korean Dish is Something You Should Try


Korean or gingseng's country is famous for music, film, drama of different genres all over the world.

Apart from its popular films, dramas, music, and popular music, Korea is also renowned for its unique culture and foods.

Some typical Korean foods have unique flavor, and some Korean foods have a spicy flavor that matches most indonesians' tongues.

Well, here are the 5 native south Korean foods that you should try.

1. Kimchi

Kimchi is a traditional Korean food made up of spicy vegetables.

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Foods from the country of gingseng use vegetable cabbage and turnips. Salted and washed, the vegetables are mixed with seasonings made from garlic, ginger, and red pepper.

Kimchi is useful for digestive health because it is low in calories and contains high fibers. Kimchi helps the digestive system to absorb food properly and quickly.

2. Ramyeon

This Korean stew, ramyeon or ramyun, can be prepared from wet noodles or instant noodles. Ramyeon generally has a pungent flavor.

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Ramyeon is usually served directly with a pot that is customary for koreans to eat ramyeon right out of the pot and along with kimchi.

3. Tteokbokki

Spicy, sweet food was obtained from rice flour. Rice flour, or tweed, which is used in an elongated trunk.

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Spicy rice cakes also included international food that originally came from the foods of the joseon dynasty palace called gungjung ttheocrbokki.

Rice flour cooked with hot spices, which were roadside snacks, but also found in restaurants.

4. Kimbap

Kimbap or gimbap is a Korean food consisting of rice wrapped in seaweed. The ingredients used are usually rice, meat and vegetables.

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Seasoned with salt and sesame oil, the white rice is blessed with varied ingredients. Starting with fish, meat, crab meat, beef ribs, kimchi, cheese, and tuna.

Ingredients for plain vegetables use cucumber, spinach, carrot, radish car fund. Kimbap or gimbap is a rice rolled with seaweed that resembles Japanese sushi.

Koreans usually make kimbap for someone asa thank you so that they are arranged asa lunch and brought to the office or for a picnic.

5. Tteok

Rice or rice are Korean food or cakes made from srealia. This dish is known as Korean Mochi Cake.

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Materials made variously according to the region in Korea. The tlimok is made asa sweet cake in many varieties of flavors for the holiday seasons, including the Korean New Year's.

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