Make it Japchae Bihun Korea

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Make it Japchae Bihun Korea


Japchae is a Korean dish of sohun (dang myeon) mixed with a variety of vegetables and beef.
Common ingredients such as beef, vegetables (carrots, peppers, shitake mushrooms, Onions, and spinacia).
This food included one of the banchan being eaten as a side dish especially in parties and special occasions. Here's the recipe and how to make japchae bihun Korea.

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Dangmyeon (Korean soun) 200 grams
Carrot 2, cut up the matches
Shitake mushrooms, 50 grams
Two leeks
Water to taste
Cooking oil to taste
Spinach stew leaves 100 grams ripe
Yolk, scrambled, one item

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Onion rings
Garlic 2 intestines soften
Sesame's got a bead
Pulverized broth
Sesame oil is 1 hr
Sweet soy sauce 1 hr
Salt sauce to taste
Powdered broth
How to create
Boil it until it's done, and drain it. Then add sesame oil, powdered broth, sweet ketchup and salty ketchup. Set aside.
Fry oil fry Onions and garlic cook it sweet, adding a little salt, water, sugar.
Put some carrots, mushroom shitake, leeks, sesame stirrings.
Add the drained dangmyeon. Stir well. Before adding a leaf of spinach and egg yolk to the addition.

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