The Korean Typical Kimci Food Recipe is Nice and Simple

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The Korean Typical Kimci Food Recipe is Nice and Simple


Kimci is a traditional Korean food made up of spicy vegetables. Korean ginseng foods use white cabbage and turnips. Salted and washed, vegetables are mixed with seasonings made from garlic and ginger and pepper pepper.

Prepare the ingredients:

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• 3 cabbage (1 large size and 2 medium size)
• 3 tablespoon salt
• 1 carrot pieces of matches
• 3 the long spiny leek
• white sesame
• garlic cloves
• 1 Onions
• 2 cm ginger
• 1 tablespoon of rice meal
• 20 ounces [50 g] of chili powder
• 150 ml (150 ml) of water

How to Cook: 
• cut cabbage from 1 cabbage to 4 parts, the cabbage is washed clean to the cabbage strip. By opening the leaves one by one. Then risky.
• sprinkle salt evenly on each strand of mustard.
• allow mustard to pass for an hour and then double the cabbage to seep evenly. After 1 hour clean the cabbage with running water to remove the salt.
• smooth garlic, onion, ginger and set aside. Hydrate rice flour to make pasta. Let's have cold and mixed soy sauce, a fresh batch of chili pepper.
• add carrots and Onions to the chili pepper paste, mixing it evenly with a mixture of pepper paste and carrots in the cabbage.

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