Umbul Sidomukti Semarang, Swimming Pool Tour with Charming View

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Umbul Sidomukti Semarang, Swimming Pool Tour with Charming View
Umbul Sidomukti Semarang, Swimming Pool Tour with Charming View | Pinterest

POSTMALANG- Semarang is the right choice to spend time with family. This area is a gathering place for various tours with interesting concepts. One of the tourist attractions in Semarang that has an Instagramable concept is Umbul Sidomukti.

The name Umbul Sidomukti is taken from the Javanese language, namely from the word "umbul" which means spring. The swimming pool in Sidomukti comes from this pennant or spring.

Not only facilities for the pool, but Umbul Sidomukti is also useful for local residents such as drinking, cooking, and irrigation. Tourists who swim in the Umbul Sidomukti pool will definitely feel fresh because the water in this pool is a genuine spring that flows from the ground.

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This Sidomukti banner has a beauty that spoils the eye, so it is very unfortunate if tourists who come to Semarang do not visit this place. The iconic three-level swimming pool attracts tourists to come.

This swimming pool has three levels of depth so that children and adults who want to swim can be in separate pools. While swimming, tourists will be served with natural charm from the top of Mount Ungaran. The expanse of green trees makes it more comfortable to be in this place because the air is cool.

Umbul Sidomukti also provides a Little Ranch area. Here tourists can feel the sensation of gardening with farmers and there are also trained horses so tourists can ride them. There are so many interesting photo spots in this place, one of which is Goa Tirta. Tirta Cave is an artificial cave with a distance of about 135 meters.

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The beautiful scenery makes this cave a place for pre-wedding. In addition, this tourist spot provides an area for archery accompanied by a guide. For tourists who like camping, don't worry because this place provides facilities for camping. So that the vacation is not boring, tourists also choose to play outbound, taste the delicious culinary specialties of Umbul Sidomukti, and don't forget to capture the moment there.

Location and Route Umbul Sidomukti
The location of this tourist spot is easy to find because it is on the slopes of Mount Ungaran, precisely in Sidomukti Village, Bandungan, Semarang. The route that must be taken by tourists to arrive at Umbu Sidomukti is very easy. For tourists who come from the city of Semarang, you must direct your vehicle to Jl. Raya Semarang-Solo by traveling a distance of about 25 km to arrive at the tourist location.

Sidomukti Umbul Entrance Ticket Prices:
• Entrance ticket Rp. 5,000 (weekdays) and Rp. 10,000 (weekends)
• Flying Fox Rp. 12,000/pax (weekends & weekdays)
• ATV Rp. 15,000/3 rounds (weekday) and Rp. 20,000/3 rounds (weekends)
• Marine bridge Rp. 7,000/person (weekdays & weekends)
• Rent a horse Rp. 50.000 (weekdays & weekends)
• Rappelling Rp. 6.000/ person (weekend & weekday)
• Parking ticket Rp. 2000 (weekdays & weekends)

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Umbul Sidomukti facilities, including:
• Parking area
• Toilets & showers
• Dressing room
• Mosque
• Places to eat
• Gazebo
• Meeting room
• Umbul Sidomukti coffee hut.

Towards the weekend or weekend, usually, some people choose a place to vacation with family. Taking a vacation can reduce the burden and calm the heart. Why not, if you are in Semarang or planning to go to Semarang, you can try to come to Umbul Sidomukti.

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