The Beauty of Elyora Beach

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The Beauty of Elyora Beach
Elyora Beach, Batam/pint

Batam is famous for its many beautiful beaches. One of them is Elyora Beach. Elyora Beach itself is a beach with beautiful white sand. This beach is often referred to as the twin of Reviola Beach, because it has something in common, namely a wide and beautiful coastline.

The white sand owned by Elyora Beach also includes soft sand so it is very suitable if used as a family vacation destination. Many visitors who travel not only to enjoy the scenery alone. Some visitors do activities to play volleyball, soccer or just jogging around the beach.

Another attraction of this beach is the presence of dry tobacco trees in the middle of the beach. The dry tobacco tree is often used as a place to relax or take shelter by visitors. Many of the visitors who stayed there relaxing while eating the snacks they brought. In addition, many visitors took pictures to capture their moments in front of the dry tobacco tree.

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Elyora Beach is located on Galang Island, more precisely, it is about 75-80 Km from the center of Batam City. Therefore, the time taken to get to this beach is approximately 2 hours depending on road conditions and also the driver.

The entrance ticket price is also quite affordable, only fixing the price of IDR 10,000 per person. The price is very cheap with many attractions and also adequate facilities. For other costs, there is a parking fee that is adjusted to the type of vehicle brought. The parking fee for four-wheeled vehicles is IDR 5000 and for two-wheeled vehicles it is IDR 2000 only.

Besides enjoying the view, you can also do water activities such as bananabot and small boat ride. Don't worry, because if you want to ride this bananaboat and small boat, you will be provided with safety equipment. The price is also affordable, you only need to add Rp. 30,000 for one person.

In terms of facilities, Elyora Beach has lots of facilities that really support the needs of visitors who come to the location. These facilities such as toilets, bathrooms or changing rooms and there is also a place for prayer.

In addition, at this tourist location there is a gazebo for rent, the rental rate is set at 100,000 rupiah. This gazebo can be used to enjoy the lunch you brought or enjoy the culinary delights around the beach. In addition, this beach is also available with a fairly large parking area./Reg.

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