Malang Night Paradise, an Educational Romantic Night Tour

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Malang Night Paradise, an Educational Romantic Night Tour
Malang Night Paradise, an Educational Romantic Night Tour - Pinterest

POSTMALANG- Malang Night Paradise is eagerly awaited by the people of Malang.

In Malang Night Paradise, you can visit only one place but you can feel millions of fun, happiness and romance.

It's not enough to stop there, Malang Night Paradie can also be one of the educative and contemporary educations in Malang. Because the concept of a night tour that is rarely found elsewhere.

Malang Night Paradise is located in Perum Graha Kencana, Balearjosari, Blimbing District, Malang.

To get here, you can use a motorbike or a car because there is adequate parking space here.

Malang Night Paradise is only 9 kilometers from Malang City Square. The time taken is approximately 20 minutes by private vehicle.

To enter Night Malang Paradise, you need to pay a ticket of:

Malang Night Paradise Weekdays entrance ticket: Rp. 45,000
1 Malang Night Paradise Weekdays ticket: Rp. 85,000
Tickets for 2 Malang Night Paradise Weekdays: Rp. 115,000
Entrance ticket to Malang Night Paradise Weekend: Rp. 55,000
1 Malang Night Paradise Weekend pass: Rp. 100,000
Tickets for 2 Malang Night Paradise Weekend: Rp. 135,000
You can order Malang Night Paradise tickets online or on the spot.

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Malang Night Paradise is open every day from 17.45 to 22.00

At Night Malang Paradise, you can feel various kinds of beauty and fun.

Night activities in this place will make you feel at home for long in this place.

There is Joruney magic, there you will walk along an artificial river that has a length of 500 meters. You will explore cool spots with different themes by boat. The browsing time is only 30 minutes. Beautiful lighting arrangements accompany you on this journey.

There is also a Dinosaur Park. In this place you will be presented with a tropical forest with a bonus replica of a dinosaur that looks original which will also be a means of education for you.

It's not enough to stop there, there is also the Ganesha Museum here. In this museum you can witness the culture of various regions in Indonesia such as Wayang Golek, Reog Ponorogo and the Mask Collection.

If you visit a night tourist spot, it won't be complete if you haven't seen the lantern garden. Yes, Malang National Paradise also provides Lantern Park. The photo spots here are very beautiful and decorated with very beautiful lights.

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