The Horror Story of the Infamous Gonjiam Mental Hospital in South Korea

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The Horror Story of the Infamous Gonjiam Mental Hospital in South Korea
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In the days of the gonjiam asylum was at a heavily populated location because it made it very easy for visitors to gain access to the gonjiam psychiatric hospital.

Since the owner abandoned many of the horror stories of this south Korean mental hospital.

Gonjiam psychiatric hospital located on a hill in gwangju, gyeonggi province, South Korea.

The asylum is at the end of a wooded trail, so it's pretty quiet and quiet in the woods.

 In the days of the gonjiam hospital, it had a fairly good reputation because it was that the hospital not only filled with mentally disturbed patients but also housed depressed soldiers. The gonjiam hospital has been established from the 1950 's and is in full operation in 1955.

 It is said that according to the story of the owner of this mental hospital, gonjiam had a long history of mental illness that has sprung up many of his patients.

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According to rumors all patients and nurses who were at the gonjiam asylum died mysteriously at the same time.

 At the time it was rumored that the gonjiam mental hospital had an unnatural death rate and was attracting police attention.

 Government officials came to examine and examine cases of the unnatural deaths of hospital patients.

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Some rumors say that the deaths of patients in the gonjiam asylum were due to untreated toxic waste, and others say that the doctors at the gonjiam asylum were conducting mad experiments on his patients.

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 In 1955 until 1956, the owner of the hospital fled when investigators came to investigate rumors.

 The owner of the hospital fled by leaving such hospital items as a patient's mattress, books, office equipment, chairs and tables.

Finally in 2011 the mental hospital of gonjiam with this five-story building was officially shut down by the government because of the request of the hospital owner's family because none of the extended family would manage the gonjiam hospital.

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 For some 20 years, abandoned by the owner of the gonjiam hospital, the condition of the hospital has been severely abandoned. Known for the horror of this hospital, South Korea made for the famous test.

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 There was a "no entry" in front of the gonjiam hospital in front of the building, but the restriction did not stop people from going inside the hospital.

 It is known that 1000 tourists a year visit the infamous gonjiam hospital in secret.

 And according to the admission that someone had dared to enter the hospital, because so many people had come in the building with CCTV cameras.

There was testimony from a visitor who made it into the gongjiam hospital with his friends and they said that when they went into the hospital they entered room number 222 for a moment of rest.

 As they were resting suddenly the door of the room shifted and appeared a big, red-eyed man and it looked in their direction and blinked.

 Many stories of visitors who made it into the gonjiam hospital saw and were disturbed by the delicate creature. They often heard screams for help, cries. And many believe that the cries for help and screams are coming from the voices of patients undergoing torture.

 And some rumors say that the owner of the gonjiam hospital did not escape but committed suicide, since the family's request for the suicide was not made public.

 The infamous gonjiam haunted hospital was made into a haunted haunted asylum film entitled gong jiam haunted asylum which won a good number of viewers the early week of the film. This became the second most horror movie in the history of Korean horror film.

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