Cactus Decorating Plants Can Last Most of The Time Without Water and How to Care for The Cactus to Survive

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Cactus Decorating Plants Can Last Most of The Time Without Water and How to Care for The Cactus to Survive

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Plants with long roots that forage for water and soak up moisture in the soil are usually found in arid desert areas. Cacti can grow long without water. The plant's stem contains a large volume of water and is of varying sizes.

The cactus is basically a plant that is able to readily adapt to different environmental conditions. Cacti are able to adapt to cold temperatures in the subtropics and hot temperatures in the tropics like Indonesia.

In its natural habitat the cactus prefers arid, barren places. The temperature that is needed to plant a cactus is about 16 to 34 degrees Celsius. The temperature required for higher seed camp is from 26 to 35 degrees Fahrenheit (26 to 35 degrees Celsius).

Soil in desert areas has a mineral content that the cactus plants need only water for. Cactus plants are ideal for placing at an altitude of 1,200 m (1,700 ft) below sea level. Most of the plants live in tropical and subtropical climates.

The light that it takes to plant a cactus is about 50% to 80%. The cactus can live in hot lowlands, but this makes the stem tend to become more drab. The ideal humidity for growing cactus between 30% and 90%.

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Cactus plants can grow well in areas where rainfall is less than 60 mm per month. The needed media on which the cactus depends depends on its type and place of origin. A quarter of all species of cacti live in desert areas, the rest of which live on semi-desert plains.

 At night, cacti take coh2 from the environment and deposit it in vakuola for use when photosynthesis occurs. Here are things that must be noticed in order for the cactus to grow well:

  1. Knows The Best Time to Water a Cactus

Spraying the cactus into two mornings or nights because it opens its stomache at night. If you want to water the cactus at 6:00 or 7:00 p.m. A sprinkler was used for the morning at 6:00 or 7:00 a.m

  1. Don't Water The Cactus to Much

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The cactus keeps the liquid in its plant cells. A liquid that supplies water that is used when the cactus plants are dry. The introduction of too much water causes the cactus to die quickly.

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  1. Make Sure The Cacti Get Enough Sunlight

 Make sure the cacti get enough sunlight. If you want to put it inside the room make sure the cactus lies near the window.

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